Landfill Community Protection Program

Landfill Toxins Reduction Program - Works with state and local governments, as well as manufacturers to identify consumer products and sources of waste that cause harmful pollution when dumped in landfills. The Program promotes awareness of these sources of pollution and works with policymakers, recycling and disposal companies and the communities they serve to reduce and eliminate them.  Click here for more information.

Plastic Pollution Reduction Program - Creates awareness and understanding of pollution caused by plastic products.  While CAWF works to increase the recycling of most plastics, there are some plastics that cannot be effectively recycled and are often contributors to the growing epidemic of plastic pollution in oceans and fresh water sources.  Click here for more information.

Recycling Means Business Campaign - Increases understanding of the economic and environmental benefits of expanding California’s recycling industry and manufacturing base in an effort to put people and recyclable materials to work creating new products for domestic and export markets.  Click here for more information.

Organic Waste Reduction Program- Educates policymakers and the public regarding  benefits and opportunities related to reducing organic waste. This program works closely with scientists, farmers and communities to expand composting and create new innovations in the field of organics recycling.

Truth in Green Advertising Program - monitors language used in the labeling and advertising of consumer products to ensure the validity of their claims regarding biodegradability and other environmental standards.  Click here for more information.